RESTORATION By Christopher Loti


By Christopher Loti.

My future fell on the ground
Covered in soil, mixed with sand
Foot of terror trampled on my dreams
Stony hearts couldn’t listen to my screams
Bones were frail, exhausted
Marrows so hollow, infected
Deep wounds exposed, never protected
Fear engulfed my tissues
Brain, no strength to crack my issues
Fear travelled through aorta and through veins
The left and right atrium was surrounded by chains
Strange heart beats pounded my chest
So many attempts to invite cardiac arrest
Horrific shouts with bilabials closed
Emotions at the edge of melting
Giving up my dreams was the only option
My heart pumps blood from one chamber to another
It then whispers “No my son”
Keep on trying and trying
Never quit never stop trying
Never give up, keep on trying
Follow excellence, never stop fighting
Your shame will one day see you flying
Wipe out those tears, stop crying

My hand then arrives where it was hiding
Helps pick the fallen future from the ground
The two hands clean my future and make me feel proud