By Christopher Loti
I see fire in her eyes
This black angel who looks human
She is of course human
Hard to understand but harder to ignore her beauty

I sense deception on her tongue
Her voice, emotional appealing and pleasing
She keeps lies under her tongue I know it
But why can’t I control myself?

Can you see her?
I wonder she even shows me a path to paradise!
But deep down I know she has come to end revelations with violence
Breaking the aorta of my weak heart heartlessly,
Choking my veins and putting their labour in vain

She is a beautiful creature
Look at her face
A conniving smile covering a set of horns
Diluting my substance of faith with twinkling eyes

I feel it when she comes close
Her heavy makeup
No pimples just dimples
She comes closer
she smiles
I feel like I should kiss her
What do you think?

For a second my lips shiver with fear
Tears start flowing down my cheeks
‘Be a man’ she speaks
This black angel how hypotonic her tongue is
She comes closer and wipes my tears
Removing all dots of my fears
Accumulated for the past two years

‘Better than the black angel I know
Than a white angel I know not’ I whisper to myself
I confidently lay my lips on her
Then my sensitive tissues on her

Oh my God! The demons in hell have been unchained for me
She lands a two edged sword on my chest
Once a man of faith, I watch my soul slowly evaporating

Now I am done with you, she says
I breathe briefly and then breathe no more.