I’m sorry for the decision I made
I’m sorry for abetting your fate
Forgive me as I vomit the truth today,
As it might be hard to digest
But for the sake of my peace, allow me to confess
Because If I don’t do it,
my troubled soul won’t rest

I’m sorry I threw you in a battle with pills
Which you failed to endure
Your life was prodded before it had the chance to greet the world
Your corpse was transported in a pool of blood
The same lane you were supposed to travel alive

I confess I found trouble in your presence
I confess I was afraid that in few months,
My middle part will broadcast to the world
Papa will beat me
Mama will be angry with me
My sisters and brothers will reject me
My future will be crumbled
I will lose my dignity
That’s how I defended my stupidity

For silly reasons I saw you as a mistake,
I judged you as a fruit of little worth
A condemned fruit
Not befitting in my days of fun

But son/daughter,
From your heavenly window,
Look at me,
See the shame in my eyes
And fear of reality
Memories haunting me day and night
Realizing what I did wasn’t right
Forgive me

©Christopher E. Loti
(Chris the poet)


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  1. am now becoming a fun of work of your pen, simple with strong to say message. this is the way to go bra


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