How proper should I hold you?
Tell me,
Be a teacher and I’ll be a learner
Should I just lay my lips onto your cheeks?
And make my arms the belt of love around your waist
To prevent your skirt of mania from falling,
Then whisper in your ears,
The mystery of my soul that sends me into cloud nine
When I simply embrace you?

When you touch me in a fond embrace,
My heart develops flimsy wings,
That fly high in blue sky,
A gentle touch not masked in a bunch of lies.
As you fervently stare at me,
Your eyes, behind their comfort home
Burn with loving fire
Setting my poor heart ablaze

As I meditate on these idyllic moments,
When our hearts join and dance together,
To a common song, song of perpetual love,
Our dance is serene, enduring and kind
It brings elation and joy within our souls.
As we migrate into our own world,
Where in the mere meeting of our souls,
We solve the impossible equations.

My love,
Whether in your presence or far distance,
I will never cease to pen the great admiration, respect, and affection I have for you.
This is a promise.

©Christopher Ekari Loti
(Chris the Poet)