I saw them tossing the seed left and right
The seed, so meek,
With no verve to fight back
Pushing and pulling, the seed was defenseless
With stitched mouth, the seed became speechless

Let’s tie its legs and hands, they said
On the altar, the seed was laid
I saw them sucking blood from it,
Then, parched vampires danced in ecstasy
Elated with the blood of the seed
Comfortably paid blind eye
To its vital task ahead
They ignored its pain
Ignorance drove them insane

I saw those horrid creatures
Going down into archives
With rant and rave,
Scrubbing out its history
Without remorse,
Derivated its destiny without reference
Used it to outrival to the world

Enough of tossing
Enough of pushing and pulling
Enough of blood sucking
What do we do with this seed?
Let’s bury it in the dune, they agreed
Then, we’ll annihilate its existence

They knew not
They buried the seed
The seed, resistant seed, blessed seed, the seed large and plump
Though besieged under turmoil sand,
Perseverance saw it sprouting
Today, no longer a measly seed
But a beautiful tree
The abode of birds
Helping numerous arms greased with oil of poverty
As it sheds off its leaves
Feeding the hungry souls
Blessed seed.

©Christopher E. Loti
(Chris the poet)